Trimmer Blades & Accessories


The 'Gee Whiz' of Whizard® Trimmers:

Innovative circular blades are specially configured for every trimming application.

The secret to the productivity and yield enhancing power comes from a powered, circular blade that provides operators with the speed and power they need to quickly upgrade and recover yield.

Here's Why it Works:

The fast-rotating, 'ring knife' cuts quickly and with less effort than traditional knives.  There are two main blade profiles that improve the performance of the application:

Straight blades cut or recover meat, such as in bone cleaning.  Straight blades are designed to ‘dive in’ making them ideal for bone cleaning operations.


Straight, low profile blade were developed for common boning applications to prevent the blade from cutting into cartilage and bone. Unique outside curved blade edge allows the blade to slide over cartilage and bone without digging in.


Flat blades are designed for defatting, trim fat or meat trimming.  The powered blade trims as it glides over the surface for maximum control and precision.

Flat blade profile is ideal for defatting applications.

Flat Blade, Angled The ‘angled’ design of this flat blade allows for perfect fat cover control. When used in conjunction with a depth gauge, fat may be trimmed to very precise specification and provides a uniform fat cover without scoring the lean.

Flat blades are ideal for defatting strips and hams.

Becuase the blade profile aids the operator in the task, it cuts the learning curve and skill level required to do most applications.  Blade are available in an array of sizes, styles and profiles that provide the right blade for the right application, thereby achieving a cleaner cut and trim for improved yields, product appearance, and productivity.

Serrated Blades


Bettcher's new serrated blades are the answer for difficult operations such as trimming heavy beef and pork fat operations that have traditionally required the use of straight knives. In these and other applications, the serrated blades reduce the force required to trim cold and heavy fat cover, in addition to improving both the yield and appearance of the product. These serrated blades are engineered to provide more aggressive cutting action to trim product more efficiently. Scientifically designed serrations feature recesses that help protect portions of the cutting edge and help maintain sharpness.

Using the serrated blades in conjunction with Bettcher Industries' powerful Ultra Drive™ high-speed motor, featuring 5,000 rpm output and constant torque level, can lessen stress on the operator by 30% or more, thereby reducing fatigue. These productivity enhancing blades can be easily added to most operations and do not require any special sharpening procedures.