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Flexible, Powerful Bettcher Drive Motors

Any model, any generation Whizard® Trimmer will work with either the UN-84 motor or the newer, more powerful UltraDrive™ motor.  Motors are typically matched to the trimmer by how much of a load (the application) is placed on the trimmer during cutting.   The UN-84 motor works fine for easy to trim poultry or seafood applications.  But for extra power for more productivity the UltraDrive motor was developed to meet the demands of cutting cold hard fat from beef strips or those ‘Monday morning hams.’

Whizard® UltraDrive™ Motor


The UltraDrive, High-Speed Motor delivers more than 5,000 rpm of constant torque, even under load. UltraDrive motors provide faster, more efficient cutting along with reduced operator fatigue, allowing workers to focus on maximizing their product yields. Combined with the use of serrated blades, the UltraDrive High-Speed Motor can reduce the cutting force by 40% over standard configurations.

Basic features common to all Bettcher motors:

  • Extremely Water Resistant – The highly effective motor design incorporates seals and eliminates vent slots to resist water or moisture ingress … thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • Easy to Operate – The motor's On/Off switch is conveniently located … and a cinch to operate – even when wearing full safety equipment.UN-84 Slap Stick automatically turns off motor when hit or trimmer is placed in the holder.
  • Quick-Disconnect Capability – Our motor's design makes attaching and disconnecting the flex shaft incredibly swift and easy … with no tools required.
  • Safety & Protection – The handpiece hanger automatically stops the motor when the trimmer is placed in the hanger slot … and the motor shuts down immediately when the large emergency slap-stick is pressed.  Since the handpiece hanger never has metal-to-metal contact with the motor, your workers are better protected.
  • Flexibility - Works with all existing Whizard® Trimmers, flex shafts and casings.
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Proper Motor Mounting Height for a Flat Surface


Key Motor Specifications

Spec / Motor


UN-84 Motor

115VAC / 1Ph / 60Hz

5.2 Amps Full Load

5.5 Amps Full Load

230VAC / 1Ph / 50Hz

2.5 Amps Full Load

2.1 Amps Full Load

42VAC / 1Ph / 50Hz

12 Amps Full Loads


49 Lbs (22.6 kg)

39 Lbs (17.7 kg)

Overall Size (in)

12" W x 9 1/4" D x 22" H

11" W x 7 1/2" D x 22" H

Overall Size (cm)

30.5 W x 23.5 D x 57.2 H

28 W x 19 D x 53 H