Seafood Applications

Whizard Trimmers provide precise brown meat trim.
Increase Yields and Productivity

The powered knife that dramatically increases seafood yields and productivity.

The Whizard® Series II Trimmer is an innovative new tool for the seafood processing industry, providing distinct, measurable yield improvements for seafood processors. Its lightweight, ergonomic design allows operators to do applications they can't do efficiently with a straight knife.

The Series II Trimmer's unique, powered ring knife, or circular knife design allows workers to trim meat easily and more precisely. The powered spinning blade reduces the effort required to cut, and the special blade profiles allow workers to accurately trim or cut seafood products like never before.

For dark meat removal on fish, the special blade design with depth gauge helps operators maximize yields by restricting and controlling how much meat is trimmed in each pass of the knife. Among other popular fish applications is bloodline removal, where a special cone-shaped blade cuts a thin round ribbon to remove the blood line, while minimizing the loss of high-value meat.

Salmon Applications

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Tuna, White Fish, Trout

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Whizard® Series II technology is the latest generation in a long line of Whizard design breakthroughs, brought to you by one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of cutting tools for the food processing industry. Series II Trimmers are lighter and better-balanced ... and they include special new features and enhancements to make today's food industry employees safer, more comfortable and more productive than ever before.

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