Poultry Applications

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Fast and efficient poultry upgrades improve your profits.

For a small upfront investment, Whizard® Trimmers and AirShirz® pneumatic scissors provide a steady stream of income that pays for themselves over and over again.

  • Improved yields
  • Enhanced product appearence
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy product upgrades

Special Poultry Brochure •   Poultry Applications Sheet

Let us help you find new ways to improve your yields and productivity.  Here are some powerful examples of successful poultry applications:

Whizard® Trimmer Applications

{tab=Thigh Debone} {tab=Frame Scrapping} {tab=Wing Drop} {tab=Scapula Recovery} {/tabs}

AirShirz® Applications

{tab=Paw Upgrade} {tab=Tendon Clipping} {tab=Mirror Trim} {tab=Thigh Defatting} {/tabs}