Flex Shafts & Casings

To efficiently transfer power from the motor to the trimmer, a highly engineered flex shaft and casing is used. flexshaft Since the Whizard® Trimmer brings value to a numerous applications in many industries, a wide range of motion may be necessary.  To tailor the trimmer to the application, Bettcher makes available flex shafts and casings in different sizes and diameters.

The selection for the correct flex shaft and casing is based upon the size of trimmer and the application.  Small diameter trimmers use the DuraLite™ casing and small diameter flex shaft.  Large size trimmers, or challenging applications, such as trimming cold hard fat, require a larger diameter flex shaft and DuraFlex™ casing.

Here's How to Measure Series II Casings .  Or your Bettcher Yield Consultant can help determine which flex shaft and casing is right for your applications.

Designed to Last Longer

  • Highly durable materials and construction stand up to harsh plant environments.
  • New casings are highly resistant to solvents, including chlorines and alkalines.
  • An advanced casing material helps prevent cracking.

Easy to Use and Maintain

  • Significantly lighter weight than previous models.
  • Improved design and construction enhances "flexible feel" and increases maneuverability.
  • Effortless attachment and removal.

Better Value / Cost-Effective Design

  • Integral bearing eliminates need for washers and extends casing life.