Edge Management

AutoEdge Precision Blade Sharpening

Sharper Blades Deliver a Sharper Product

Most customers are willing to pay more for a better finished product. That’s why Bettcher Industries has developed a line of precision sharpening equipment that delivers the best performance and productivity you’ll find anywhere.

These products have been designed for high-, medium- and low-volume use, meaning you’ll find a Bettcher solution for any requirement.

The cost of a dull blade: Increased operator effort and diminished product quality.

Many trimming applications can quickly dull a blade, causing finished product quality to deteriorate along with increasing the stress on the operator’s wrist and forearm. Add in the time it takes to sharpen blades … and it’s easy to see how the negative impact of dull blades really adds up.

At Bettcher, you have the ability to choose a sharpening solution that’s best suited to your needs. And one thing is consistent whether your volume is low, moderate or high: each sharpening product delivers consistent, precision quality and performance.

There is a Bettcher Industries
sharpener for any size operation!

AutoEdge™ Precision Blade Sharpenerautoedge

Our AutoEdge™ Precision Blade Sharpener is designed for high-volume operations with a need to sharpen a large number or variety of circular blades (round knives).

  • Automatic sharpening – simply load a blade and press one button! It allows your operators to multi-task
  • Consistent perfection – A computer-controlled sharpening and steeling process means you get perfect results first time, every time
  • Increased blade life – Precise blade sharpening means your blades star sharper longer, so fewer grindings are required. AutoEdge’s computer-controlled sharpening process increases blade life means 25% to 35% longer blade life!

210 sharpener

Model 210 - Blade Sharpener

The Model 210 Sharpener is the choice of many medium- to high-volume operations. Simple and easy to use, the 210 universal blade sharpener can be set up to handle any circular blade (ring knife) used by the Whizard® Trimmer.

  • Cost-effective – Sharpens and steels all Whizard® blades
  • Restores dull blades back to their original factory edge
  • Long-life sharpening wheel ensures a sharp edge every time. T
  • he wheel never needs dressing, eitherSimple, easy operation with no special tools required.
  • Blades are held in exact position for sharpening
  • Great for those applications that may dull blades quickly
  • Increases blade life because it restores rolled edges
  • Easy to use with minimal training required


    E-Z Edge™ - Personal Blade Sharpenerez edge

    The E-Z Edge Personal Blade Sharpener is engineered for small-volume operations that need to re-sharpen circular blades (round knives) on a regular basis – or for applications that quickly dull edges. Almost any operator can have consistently sharper blades – with virtually no training – which will increase yields and reduce fatigue.

    For more information on edge management solutions from Bettcher Industries, contact your yield specialist or contact us online.