Providing Practical Yield-Enhancing

Solutions the World Over

Bettcher Industries is focused on working together, side-by-side with our customers to develop innovative new ways to improve yield and enhance processes.  As a worldwide company, we bring together high tech engineering resources and best practices from around the world to deliver measurable solutions to our valued business partners.  For a modest up-front investment, our newest innovations deliver a steady stream of increased yields ... and a far faster payback compared to other equipment.  That’s not just a claim.  It’s fact.  One that gets proven every day … in dozens of different trimming applications in hundreds of processing plants worldwide.

Yield Specialists


Tools are just tools.  From our many years of industry experience, we know there's no substitute for hands-on consultation, education and training.  As a service to our customers, our highly experienced industry professionals visit your plant and help you find ways to improve margins and improve processes.  Bettcher Yield Consultants have a proven track record of enhancing production line performance and profits through the innovative use of Bettcher trimmers.  In some cases, we've worked with plants to successfully adopt completely new applications of their trimmers. 
Best of all, our Yield Consultants are available to provide support, right in your own facility.

Complete Solutions

As part of our dedicated product development capabilities, we've developed a wide array of motors, trimmer sizes, blades and depth gauges that allow us to offer a practical, value-enhancing solution for most any trimming application.  We've even developed custom blades and parts for individual plants to help them meet profit goals for specific processing applications.

Total Support

When you work with Bettcher Industries, you'll find we give you support over the life of your equipment.  This is a unique commitment that is unmatched by any other industry supplier.  In fact, we continue to provide support for products originally manufactured 20 or even 30 years ago!

Help is just a phone call away:  In the unlikely event of a problem, we're easily accessible through our Tech Service toll-free hotline.  You'll deal with a “real person” over the phone.  In addition, emergency help is available anytime.

  • Rapid parts delivery:  93 to 97% of all orders are processed within 48 hours … with 85% of them shipping the same day.

  • Equipment upgrades:  We provide trade-ins for equipment upgrades, including parts in some cases.

  • Web support: provides detailed service information plus a complete maintenance section for information-on-demand, anytime.

  • Total warranty protection:  Bettcher tools come with strong warranties that are among the industry's best.  We value our relationship with you.

Reducing Costs through Exceptional Customer Care

Our years of experience have proven to us that lower costs and reduced downtime are the happy result of providing exceptional customer service.  We may be a manufacturer, but we believe our role as a customer service provider is equally as important.  And we demonstrate that every day, in many ways:

  • Preventive Maintenance:   We make regular plant visits to fine-tune, inspect and ensure that all trimmers, motors, sharpeners and accessories are in peak and safe operating condition.  We fix things before they break.  Plus, we provide operator training, refresher education and provide maintenance tips.

  • Emergency Training:  If you're faced with a sudden change in staffing, our representatives make themselves available to train new employees in operational and maintenance procedures.  Our Yield Specialists often work side-by-side with new operators to help them perfect their trimming techniques.  In this way, we help ensure that yields don't suffer just because an operator on the processing line is new.

  • Video Training:  We have built a comprehensive library of beef, pork, and poultry trimming applications – the only resource of its kind in the industry – that shows how you can save time, improve margins and enhance product appearance through your trimming operations.  Training videos covering proper maintenance and assembly are also available.